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Heroic Apparel was born out of a desire to create something that would honor America’s heroes, big and small. I’ve always been a t-shirt kind of guy. To me, a great shirt is like your favorite blanket. It just FEELS good.  So I decided to marry up my love of the perfect shirt with my desire to create a brand around the tenants of my life: Family, Faith, and Freedom.


In many ways, each of us is a hero to someone and here at Heroic Apparel, we strive to bring that to life. Our first launch tells the story of our patriotic spirit, and our love for our military and first responders, as well as our family.   We believe that inside each of us lies a hero. Whether you serve in the military, serve your community, or serve your family, we see you and we appreciate you.  


My name is Jason and I guess you could say I am the brains behind the operation, but don’t tell my wife that!  I joined the US Navy in 2007 and continue to serve on active duty today.  My wife, Brandi, maintains a full time career while also helping me build this brand and run day to day operations of the business.  Our daughter, Kherington, helps us behind the scenes by attaching shipping labels,  grabbing packing slips from the printer, and picking colors for new t-shirt designs.  Occasionally, she provides artwork for the packing slips, so don’t be surprised if you are the lucky winner of a Kherington original!